Wednesday, May 27, 2009

High vis before sunrise

I've started wearing a high vis vest while biking to work in the cold early morns. Finally I feel some kind of affinity with the bazillion construction workers I pass every morning, and not just because we are both up and off to work at the god-awful hour of 5.30am. In our safety orange and reflective strips we show the world that what is inside these garmets is precious to us; it is to be seen from a distance, not to be crashed into by vehicles or crushed by heavy machinery. Our bodies, our blood, is so valuable to us that we forgo fashion and embrace the most garish, ill-fitting, clash-making apparel to protect it from unfortunate accidents. Wearing high vis is like saying 'just please be careful, I know it's not much but hey, it's the only bod I have, I'm kinda fond of it'. One worker I passed this morning even had reflective bands sewn around his trouser legs; he's not taking any chances and I'm glad.

I should mention that I have strawberry blonde hair, so the orange thing is a big deal okay?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pop quiz hotshot:

my boring media job incites me to

a) crochet
b) read whimsical hipster art blogs
c) get the sads when said art blogs are about requited love
d) drink milo
e) review new snacks in the vending machine
f) all of the above