Monday, July 13, 2009

The Lady is a Scamp

Ok so this is not my puppy, but I did get to play with her for a whole afternoon! Lady is a red cattle dog x ridgeback and has sharp little teeth. She used to live at my friend's house but has now moved to Mt Nebo to take in the country air.

After mostly hanging out with cats for so long I forgot how wonderfully trusting and accepting dogs are. All you have to do is sit and Lady will jump in your lap. It took about five hours of playing for us to tire her out but she finally passed out in the kitchen to the smell of dinner cooking.

More photos at my flickr

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scampsville and BrisStyle in the Press

Thanks to Rave's fashion editor Tess Curran for covering the markets in her page this week!

Beams of Love

I've been meaning to post this pic for a while. It's
the Stefan sky needle in West End (my neighbourhood) in the wee hours of the morn. Isn't it beautiful? It was a foggy day and I was cycling to work but I couldn't resist stopping to marvel at it's awesomeness. Some peeps will remember the old Stefan needle with neon rings that came from Expo '88. Well that one caught fire last year and he replaced it with this rainbow extravaganza. Apparently he had to go all the way to Germany, land of the Love Parade, to find the design. At night large tracts of light beam out from it. A friend of mine has a theory that they are search lights sent out by gay aliens monitoring straight people. Whatever they are for I heart them for guiding me home in the darkness.

Rockabilia and Roller Girlz

This weekend is going to be big, what with my house's garage sale on Saturday (strictly 7am, we are shutting the gate to keep out early birds!) and the Kustom Krafts Market at Paddo on Sunday afternoon-

Here are some crafty things I have made/gotten around to taking pics off this week:

Knit bangles

Heart Whiskey crosstitch

Anti-consumerist crosstitch graf!

I've been very busy the past few days sorting books and clothes and finishing off an embroidered portrait that will be in an exhibition later this year, here is a sneak peek:

Can you guess who it is? Gentle Ben from Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tonight, we drink to craft

Here's to falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Yesterday was filled with sweet, sweet craft at the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market. Scampsville made something close to a killing and enjoyed the company of many craftactular ladiez and their peeps. I went swapsies with Kitty Boo Boo for these sailoresque hair clips, she's got the skillz yo. Other highlights were seeing my friend Kristy's new little munchkin called Oliver (another Oli!), catching up with Rachel from Knitwish, finding a birthday present for my sis: handcrafted silver earrings from Epheriell Designs, getting the new Mixtape mag, and chatting with my neighbour; the lovely Nicole from Hot Toffee. Rave's fashion editor took some Scampsville stall picks so I might be in the press this week, Informer section.
Only 23 days left in Brissie, eeps! Making the most of it tonight with the dishy Bedroom Philosopher at the Troubadour. The man knows how to wear a vintage tie. Espresso martinis all round!